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13 thoughts on “COMMENTS

  1. Vivian (Tony) Lee

    Hi Charles.

    Please keep up the good work. I have always found everything about London’s history and architecture fascinating.

    I was born in St Giles Hospital Camberwell South London, (not there any more) and Lived in East Dulwich for 20+ years afters my birth. I am now living in Bethnal Green since 2005 and seen a lot of changes i.e. buildings being knocked down and new ones being built. So it is very important to keep the memories of how things used to be.

    Your work is much appreciated and is looking impressive.


  2. Madeleine Williams

    Dear Mr Jenkins,

    I am sorry to trouble you however I wondered whether you may be able to help. I manage the events programme for the Members’ of the V&A Museum and I am interested in running a visit to The Gala Bingo Hall Tooting, Mitcham Road. I see from the Playing Bingo website that you have written about this particular Hall in some depth and I wondered whether you would be interested in leading a tour of the building for a group of ours Members?

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the above suggestion.

    Kind regards,


  3. Trevor

    Hi Charles
    Just to let you know I’ve been browsing. Always something interesting here I hadn’t seen on previous visits.

    Will be back in touch.

  4. Paul Bland

    Hello Charles,
    I really enjoyed the piece about the Poppies, made more vibrant by the inclusion of the relevant poetic extracts. The pictures added so much to the words. As usual, your piece is exhaustively referenced which does so much to aid full comprehension of the whole. This would be an excellent piece for school-aged children to read, partly because it does so much to highlight this important part of our heritage and also, because it answers the many possible questions raised. Your personal recollections, such as having friends in the Tower(!) give an additional dimension. I have an idea of the time it took you and I applaud your intent, thoroughness and execution (an appropriate word when considering the Tower!). Many thanks for making this available for appreciation.

  5. Stephanie

    Hi Charles, wondering if you could contact me – I’m working on behalf of a musical theatre production company in Australia and are seeking some further information about some of your images. Please email me at the above address and I will be able to explain further. Kind regards,

  6. Paul Bland

    I have just enjoyed reading, and listening to, your piece on Dr Johnson. As ever, your enthusiasm for the task shines through and the whole piece is lifted and supported by the many references, both textual and visual. Having left the good Doctor alone these many years, I now feel a little better acquainted with him. I was also fascinated by the detailed explanation of Tourettes; I always felt, whilst I was teaching, that I should have affected a 24-hour variant of the condition, during which period I might have released a number of verbal salvoes at some well-deserving targets. However, history will record that I did not; a missed opportunity! Thank you, Charles.

  7. Paul Bland

    Finally, I got around to completing reading about Dr Johnson and Samuel Pepys. At the risk of repeating myself, I enjoyed reading this copiously referenced and illustrated piece which gave the main characters an extra dimension and, as far as is possible at this point in time, brought them to life for me. I shudder to think about the time it took to compile the pieces; but I’m grateful that you undertook it and I enjoyed my brief visit to the Coffee Houses of London, pausing on my journey to learn the origin of ‘TIP’.

    Many thanks for providing this hugely enjoyable and illumination work.


  8. Paul Bland

    Hello Charles,
    I have just read your final pieces about the good Doctor. Without wishing to be repetitive, or sound patronising, in my opinion you maintained the high standard which I have come to expect from your published work. I have written this before, but I do enjoy the detailed referencing which adds depth and perspective to the main thrust of your narrative and helps to relate the events of the past to the reality of the present, especially with regard to those parts and structures of London which have survived to bridge the gaps of time. I look forward to enjoying your future output.


  9. Ray Bridgewater

    Hi Charles,
    thank you this excellent work on Gardiners corner –
    your recall of childhood events are truly remarkable.
    I loved Gardiners corner it was my favourite store-
    but could not afford to shop there!
    I walked past this great building every day to and from home to our school- Sir John Cass at Aldgate and fondly also remember Woolworths store across the road and Blooms further down Commercial Road.
    Thank you for the memories Charles.
    Regarding the Father Xmas tales,again marvellous recollections from the past and do suggest that you look like the real Santa with your own beard than with the false one- also surprise that you were not kidnapped by the residents of the retirement village and kept there as the permanent entertainment mascot!
    Well done and thanks.

  10. Ted lay

    Just a word Charles, I worked in Southwark for forty years and up the road was the Barclays brewery before Courage moved it, however the point being Barclays produced an ale named after this famous man Dr Johnson, presume he must have had some contact to achieve this fame, still again such research is without doubt something else, pure enjoyment


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